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The Korthals griffon 



Wirehaired Pointing Griffons will track nearly any game, making them ideal for pheasant hunters who often wound a bird still capable of escape by running through the fields when downed. Since Wirehaired Pointing Griffons track, they are also good for following mammals as part of a complete hunting experience.

And Wirehaired Pointing Griffons were bred to retrieve birds in rough water, so they function well in all sorts of waterfowl hunting. With an open and rough outer coat and a denser undercoat, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons dry very quickly and thus do not suffer long from being wet and cold. That rough outer coat is wonderful protection in thickets and brush and it does not collect or become entangled in burrs. Since Wirehaired Pointing Griffons do not truly shed (all animals cast off hairs), they are vastly superior in homes to other dogs that are constantly and seasonally dropping large clumps of hair.



In 1873, at age 23, Edward Karel Korthals undertook serious breeding of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. In his breeding program he noted the dog to have a high intelligence, robust attitude, and resistance to foul weather. He described them as excellent for hunting waterfowl and working in all terrain. His breeding stock started with 20 dogs which were composed of: three spaniels, two water Spaniels (Barbet), seven Griffons, a French Pointer (Braques), and a Pointerized Setter. From these – the seven patriarchs of his breeding program were established and recorded in the Griffon Stud Book (GSB).  Less than 10 years later, the Griffon type was established. On November 15th, 1887, Edward Korthals and 16 other breeders signed and published an agreement on the breed standard. This is the standard used by the Korthals Griffon Club of America. This standard is published in the book by Jean Castaing.

In the field, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons point solidly and work closely, crossing the terrain in front of the hunter and making frequent directional changes in coordination with the hunter as he or she chooses areas of focus. 




Versatile Hunting Dogs

For Uncompromising Owners

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Our Dogs

The Ultimate Versatile Hunting Dog



In the field, a versatile dog should exhibit a fine nose, staunch pointing and the desire to search for, track and retrieve game in a cooperative manner. A versatile dog needs to further prove his independence, stamina and quality of nose by transferring his search for, and retrieving of game, to the water.


Affinity for water, a double coat and intense hunting desire make the Wire Pointing Griffon a great water fowler.




Birds and waterfowl, for sure. But our dogs do more, like: shed antler hunting, blood trailing big game, even Fall turkeys.


Military Working Dog (MWD)

The Coast Guard launched the Canine Substance Detection Program approximately one year after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The program’s goal is to enhance detection and deterrence capabilities in the maritime environment, adjacent lands, and waterside installations. This initiative is in line with the President’s national strategy for Homeland Security, and allows the Coast Guard to support the Department of Homeland Security initiatives such as the Canine Rapid Deployment Force. The Coast Guard canine teams are used in maritime ports, waterways and shoreline facilities, including during boardings of commercial vessels before the vessels reach the United States.




Why? Because the closer a dog’s appearance is to the breed’s standard, the better that dog’s ability will be to produce puppies that meet the standard. 



: not making or accepting a compromise

: making no concessions



Our Services



This is a limited service intended for the Griff owner going on vacation or extended travel for work. We take your dog in to our home. They will enjoy all the luxuries of our family gun dogs. Sleeping inside the house, couch time, romping in the yard, and going to the farm. If our dogs are working birds that day, so will yours. We do not use outside runs, your dog is a guest in our home while you travel. -POR


We offer basic puppy training to get your pup a jump start in the field.  We teach basic obedience and introduce your dog to game birds.  We also introduce shots over the pup and retrieving.  Sit-Come-Whoa- and Heel are the commands enforced. We also offer started puppies for sale they also receive bird training, gun training, and are well socialized. They will need a little more training to hunt with. - POR / Contact for availability






AKC Hunt test/ NAVDHA NA TRaining 

We offer a fine tune of your puppy for testing. We can introduce test birds that your dog may not be familiar with such as chukker, pheasant, or duck.  Additionally, we will transport and handle your dog at an AKC or NAVDHA event.  - POR


What is a started adult dog? Our definition: A started dog has a foundation of basic obedience training, loading & unloading in a vehicle/crate, pointing birds steady to wing, retrieving, and accustomed to gun fire. Our goal is to deliver a dog that you can take to the field and enjoy the hunting experience. These dogs will have all the tools and training needed to help you put birds in the bag. All they lack is a couple of hunting seasons under their belt. Finished Gun dog will be steady to Point-Flush-Shot. It will also be trained to retrieve to hand.  We also work on household manners as well as socialization. - Contact for availability


Stubborn Ass Farms guided hunts coming Fall 2018



Elli, Chris, and Abbey

Elli, Chris, and Abbey



Gavin M Mattingly

Gavin and Greta

Gavin and Greta



Maxwell D Mattingly


Military Working DOG Handler


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